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Class III Commercial Air Diver 30M Inshore Course

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The 30 metre Commercial Surface Supply Diver qualification is the next step after Scuba training. This qualification is needed by commercial divers working in harbours, doing inland dam wall outlet maintenance, as well as shipping repairs and close inshore salvage. The qualification allows divers to use scuba and surface supply diving equipment and the diver can do more tasks in the underwater working field. These training tasks include underwater welding and cutting, underwater dredging, air lifting, using salvage equipment, construction tools and a range of hydraulic and pneumatic tools used in the onshore / inland diving tasks. The Class III diver may not work in the oil & gas offshore diving industry.


Course Details for Class III

Location: Durban South Africa. Training will be done in both fresh water and open sea conditions.

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: Please contact us as it varies with special offers at times.


Prerequisites for Class III:

  • Completed and passed Diving Medical Examination as per South African Diving Regulations and be in a healthy fit state.
  • Be a competent swimmer
  • Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide, calculate percentages, solve simple formulas such as gas laws.
  • Understand written and verbal communications in English and communicate comfortably with other people.
  • Have completed 30 metre Scuba course for 4 weeks or start Scuba course before attending Class III.
  • Have a valid diving first aid certificate. (Can be done on course)


Some Subjects Covered on the 30 Metre Surface Supply Diver Course:

  • Surface supply diving equipment – demand and free flow
  • Full face masks, band masks and helmets
  • The physics of diving
  • Diving physiology and first aid
  • Application of Air decompression tables and procedures
  • Diving equipment and maintenance for Class III as well as personal diving equipment care & maintenance
  • Pre- and post-dive checks
  • Diving emergencies, rescues and diving hazards
  • Hand signals, lifeline and voice communications
  • Underwater surface supply tasks and work
  • Surface supply diver, standby diver and attendant procedures
  • Legislation and guidance
  • Compression chamber checks and operations
  • Low pressure (LP) & high pressure (HP) compressors, air quads & cylinders
  • Basic seamanship and surface supply from SSDE diving vessels having LP compressors and HP. backup.
  • Day and night diving
  • Fresh water and open sea diving
  • Dry suits and constant volume dry suits
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic tools for Class III diving
  • Maintenance of underwater tools
  • Water jets, dredging, airlifting, lift bags, welding, cutting, searching and measurements
  • Basic stills photography
  • Nitrox theory & SSDE diving for Nitrox if module selected or Part of Combo Class II


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