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DMT – IMCA Diver Medic Courses

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The IMCA DMT – Diver Medic Training

Due to the fact that offshore commercial divers work in remote areas far away from any normal paramedic emergency medical response teams and medical facilities like hospitals etc. there is a need for members of an offshore commercial dive team to be trained as a IMCA DMT – Diver Medic.   A person in outer space the moon can be brought back to earth within 24 hours should a injury or medical emergency arise, where as a saturation diver could take 5 days or longer depending on depth, to decompress back to surface.    This DMT training allows the divers who are DMT’s to treat their fellow divers in an emergency in liaison with the dive company doctor and company medical procedures.   The DMT is for offshore diving and some dive companies insist on two Diver – DMT’s per shift while other offshore companies insist on all the divers to have a DMT.

IMCA Diver Medical Technician DMT training manuals

IMCA Diver Medical Technician DMT training manuals

IMCA Diver Medic (DMT) and refresher DMT – More Information